2013 Ceremony Program 


Monday, September 30, 2013

Mason Hall at Baruch Performing Arts Center

Hosted by Harrison Greenbaum

Directed by Tim Butterfield
Assistant Director: Melissa Crespo & Christina Ashby

Production Stage Manager: Jaimie Van Dyke
Stage Manager: Meg Dowling, Sanja Kabalin, Jenna Lazar, Louisa Pough,Jenna Rafferty

Script contributions by Donnetta Lavinia Grays

Lighting Designer: Ben Tevelow
Sound Designer: Jay Spriggs
Sound Engineer: Nick Cornwell
Video Director: Duane Ferguson
Webcast Director of Photography: Jason LeMaster
Projection Designer: Brandon Epperson
Motion Graphics Animators: Alexandra Fokine and Nick Walsh
Production Assistants: Nolan Doran, Weston Ganz, Theresa Taylor, Nick Walsh

Voice Overs by Desmond Dutcher and Denice Kondik
Awards Manager: Dylan Lubetkin
Awards Attendants: Phoebe Leonard and Jolie Garrett
Host Assistant: Joe Mathers

Awards for this evening were manufactured by Kyden Machine Inc.

New York Innovative Theatre Awards
Celebrating Off-Off-Broadway

Sponsored by:

The Theatre Developement Fund (TDF) - www.tdf.org
SmartTix - www.smarttix.com
Kampfire Films PR - www.kampfirefilmspr.com
United Stages - www.unitedstages.com
Kyden Machine Inc. - www.kydeninc.com

With generous donations from Starr Associates, Jason LeMaster, Frank Kuzler and DecadesOut, Ted Greenberg and the Foundation for Fairer Capitalism and Donn Russell, and the Alec Baldwin Foundation.

Special Thanks to Livestream.

Support for the Innovative Theatre Foundation provided by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)

This event was produced by: Jason Bowcutt, Shay Gines, Nick Micozzi and Akia


Opening Number
Lyrics by Jerrod Bogard; Composed by Sky Seals; Performed by Sky Seals, Neil Fennell, and Lindsay Naas

Harrison Greenbaum

Jason Bowcutt, Shay Gines & Nick Micozzi

Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role & Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role
Presented by Julia Murney

The 2013 Ellen Stewart Award
Presented by Tina Howe to The Dramatist Guild Fund
Video Directed by Frank Kuzler, Produced by DecadesOut

Outstanding Original Music
Presented by Gaby Alter

Outstanding Solo Performance
Presented by David Drake

Outstanding Stage Manager Award
Presented by Ari Laura Kreith to Abbey Bay

Outstanding Original Short Script & Original Full-length Script

Presented by Dael Orlandersmith

Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award
Presented by Donnetta Lavinia Grays to Mariah MacCarthy

Outstanding Innovative Design
Presented by C. Andrew Bauer

Outstanding Costume Design
, Sponsored by TDF Costume Collection
Presented by Stephen Cabral

Outstanding Set Design
Presented by Kris Stone

Outstanding Lighting Design
Presented by Jules Fisher

Outstanding Sound Design
Presented by Dan Bianchi

The 2013 Artistic Achievement Award
Presented by David Herskovits to Richard Foreman
Video Directed by Frank Kuzler, Produced by DecadesOut

Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role & Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role
Presented by Amy Van Nostrand and Jack Davidson

Outstanding Choreography/Movement
Presented by Kelly Devine

Outstanding Director
Presented by Carl Andress

The 2013 Caffe Cino Fellowship Award
Presented by Christopher Borg and Nicky Paraiso to terraNOVA Collective 
Performed by Laura Butler, Nic Grelli, Daniel Irizarry, Kyle Metzger, Diana Oh, Brian Quijada, Eric Wright; Directed by Jo Cattell; Produced by Jennifer Conley Darling

Outstanding Ensemble
Presented by Jayne Houdyshell

Outstanding Performance Art Production
Presented by Cynthia Hopkins

Outstanding Production of a Musical
Presented by Greg Kotis

Outstanding Revival of a Play & Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play
Presented by Stephen Schwartz

Red Carpet & Back Stage

Press Area Managed by Amanda Feldman
Public Relations: Kampfire Films PR, Katie Rosin
Media Area Assistant: Chad Chenail
On Camera Interviews Hosted by Desmond Dutcher & Ellen Reilly
On Camera Interviews Produced by Stephanie Cox-Williams

Official Live Bloggers: TravSD and Molly Marinik
Social Media Manager: Maggie Kissinger

Box Office Manager: Heather Cohn
Box Office Assistants: Dianna Martin, Bonnie Cole, R.J. Verchaurd, Richard Weksberg, Christina L. Williams

Talent Manager: Christopher Borg
Presenter Coordinators: Mark Finley, Jason Bowcutt, Christina Ashby
Presenter Coordinator Assistants: Kevin R. Free, Caitlyn Piccirillo, Andrea Cordaro, Ashliegh Herndon, David Stern
Nominee Coordinator: Ron Bopst

Event Photography
David Anthony - www.davidawa.com
Marc Goldberg - www.marcgoldberg.com
Masha Gindler, Anton Nickel, and Kareem Montes

Event Videography
Darnell McDonald, Jesus Sanchez, Jon Mendez, and xxxxx xxxxxxx

Tribute videos for the Richard Foreman and the Dramatist Guild Fund were created by DecadesOut (www.decadesout.org)

2013 ballots were counted and results have been certified by Brendan Hendry of Hendry Financial.

Contributions made by

The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York

Women's Interart Theatre

New York Film Academy

Greg Shatan & Reed Smith LLP


Madame Tussauds
Big Apple Circus
Blue Man Group
Spiderman Turn Off The Dark
Potted Potter/Shubert Org
Ditch Plains / Landmarc
Blue Ribbon Bakery
Adler Dental
Yoga Vida
IFC Center
Peter and the Starcatcher


The New York Innovative Theatre Awards have been made possible by extraordinary contributions of time, effort, resources and money from generous members of our community and corporations that support Off-Off-Broadway. If you would like to volunteer or donate to the IT Awards, please visit our website at www.nyitawards.com. Thank you.

Our most sincere appreciation to:
Jason LeMaster, Women's Interart Theatre, Corey Behnke, Livestream, Brandon Epperson
Paul Adams, Charles Busch, Jeff Riebe, Ellen Reilly, Christopher Borg, Desmond Dutcher, Denice Kondik, Bob Lee, Mark Finley, Rabobank, The Children’s Health Fund, Utah Arts Council, David Caparelliotis, Vaughn Bowcutt and Kyden Machines, Ron Bopst, Jolie Garrett, Shaulynda Gines, Chris Beverly, Troy Gines, Rob & Bonnie Gines, Julia Beynon, Brad Bowcutt, Mindy Bowcutt, Nicky Paraiso, George Forbes, Jeffery Shubart, Sheila Donovan, Mark Ax, Alan Starr and our friends at Starr Associates, Roger LeFevre, Leone Litt, Carri Zoberbier, Mark Rossier, Drew Byrnes, Gail Cianciulli, Al Pacino, Katherine Nook, Michael  Monteleone and Drew & Rogers, Inc., Rob Goodmonson, Blake Lawrence, David Anthony, Jordan Thaler and the Public Theater, Michael Tharp, Jesse Alick, Kyle Ankowitz, Cara McCormick and Andy Lanset at WNYC.org and WNYC Radio, New York School for Film & Television, City Frame

Our deepest gratitude to our awesome volunteers:

Alex Scorado, Alexandra Forkne, Amanda Feldman, Andrea Cordaro, Anna Delinois, Anton Nikol, Ashliegh Herndon, Ben Tevelow, Brandon Epperson, Caitlyn Piccirillo, Christina Ashby, Christina Williams, Christopher Sanchez, Christopher Borg, Christopher Wight, Darnell McDonald, David Stern, David Anthony, David Fletcher, Denice Kondik, Desmond Dutcher, Dianna Martin, Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Duane Ferguson, Elizabeth Burke, Ellen Reilly, Heather Cohn, Jaimie Van Dyke, Jak Prince, Jake Catsaros, Janella Strauss, Jason LeMaster, Jay Spriggs, Jenna Lazar, Jenna Rafferty, Jesus Sanchez, Joe Mathers, Jolie Garret, Jon Mendez, Kathleen Warnock, Katie Rosin, Kelly Hayes, Kimberly DiPersia, Lanie Zipoy, Louisa Pough, Maggie Kissinger, Marc Goldberg, Marina Krupitskaya, Mark Finley, Meg Dowling, Megan Cody, MelissaCrespo, Molly Marinik, Nick Cornwell, Nick Walsh, Nicole Strawbridge, Nolan Doran, Nzinga Williams, Pheobe Leonard, R.J. Verchaurd, Rachel Berger, Rick Benson, Richard Weksberg, Rojun Alexander, Ron Bopst, Samantha Coppola, Samantha Cooper, Sammy DeSimone, Sanja Kabalin, Scarlet Rivera, Stephanie Cox-Williams, Theresa Taylor, Tim Butterfield, TravSD, Tzipora Kaplan, Weston Ganz, Yvonne "Bonnie" Cole

Our most heartfelt thanks to those who made generous contributions:
Anonymous (you know who you are ;) ), Joe Austin, Eileen Connell, Daley Sherri, David Edson, Roman Feeser, Shay gines, Joe Godfrey, Donnetta Grays, Dale Harris, Julie Hartman, Bob Lee, Nick Micozzi, Linda S. Nelson, Joan Paraszczuk, John Rogers, Ben Rolly, Starr Associates, Laura Wickens, Lanie Zipoy, Dodger Properties, Ben Hodges, Ted Greenberg and the Foundation for Fairer Capitalism


The New York Innovative Theatre Foundation was created to bring recognition to the great work being done in New York City's Off-Off-Broadway, to honor its artistic heritage, and to provide a meeting ground for this extensive community. The organization advocates for Off-Off-Broadway and recognizes the unique and essential role it plays in contributing to American and global culture. We believe that publicly recognizing excellence will expand audience awareness and appreciation of Off-Off-Broadway and the full New York theatre experience.


Innovative Theatre Foundation Staff

Shay Gines, Executive Director
Nick Micozzi, Executive Director
Akia, Company Manager
Christopher Borg, Communications Coordinator
Hillary Cohen, Judge Coordinator
Desmond Dutcher, Judge Coordinator
Maggie Kissinger, Social Media Coordinator
Caitlyn Piccirillo, Projects Producer
Tzipora Kaplan, Projects Producer
Diánna Martin, Administrative Coordinator
Jenna Rafferty, Judge Coordinator
David Stern, Judge Coordinator
Doug Strassler, Update Editor
Katie Rosin, Public Relations


Amanda Feldman
Sean Williams
Nolan Doran


Christina Ashby
Weston Ganz
Nick Walsh

Board of Directors

Benjamin Hodges
Bob Lee
Roger LeFevre
Leone Rendon de Litt
Linda S. Nelson
Shay Gines
Nick Micozzi

2013 Honorary Awards Committee

Paul Adams
Artistic Director, Emerging Artists Theatre Company

Christopher Borg
Actor & Director

Tim Errickson
Artistic Director, Boomerang Theatre Company

Shay Gines
Executive Director, Innovative Theatre Foundation

Donnetta Lavinia Grays

Nick Micozzi
Executive Director, Innovative Theatre Foundation

Nicky Paraiso
Curator for Performance, LaMaMa

Cat Parker
Director and Producer

Kia Rogers

Katie Rosin
Kampfire Films PR

James Scruggs

Artistic Director, Rising Sun Performance Company
Company Manager, Innovative Theatre Foundation

Daniel Talbott (Committee Co-Chair)
Artistic Director, Rising Phoenix Rep

Kathleen Warnock

Lanie Zipoy (Committee Co-Chair)
Freelance Publicist

2013 Outstanding Stage Manager Committee

Marisa Blankier
Production Coordinator at New York Neo-Futurists
Freelance Stage Manager

Stephanie Cox-Williams*
Company Manager, Nosedive Productions
Special Effects Artist, Actor and Director

Nolan Doran
Writer, Performer, Producer

Amanda Feldman
Producer, Neighborhood Productions
Managing Director, CollaborationTown, A Theatre Company

Sean Williams
Producer, Gideon Productions

Jaimie Van Dyke
Stage Manager

2013 Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Committee

Daniel Talbott*
Artistic Director, Rising Phoenix Rep

Mark Finley
Artistic Director, TOSOS II

Kathleen Warnock

Jennifer Connelly Darling
Producing Artistic Director, terraNOVA Collective

Donnetta Lavinia Grays

* Committee Chairs

Conflicts of Interest
If conflicts of interest arise for any committee members during the deliberation process they recuse themselves from participating in that portion of the respective committee’s activities.

Harrison Greenbaum (Host) began performing stand-up comedy while studying psychology and English at Harvard.  A summa cum laude graduate, Harrison was the co-founder of the Harvard College Stand-Up Comic Society (or "Harvard College SUCS," as the group's name is cheekily acronymized), the first organization at Harvard dedicated to the performance and appreciation of stand-up comedy and one still popular on campus today. Now living in Manhattan, Harrison has quickly become one of the most in-demand comedians in New York, performing in more than 600 shows a year and thus leading the NY Daily News to call him "the hardest-working man in comedy."  One of Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch," Harrison has also received many awards and honors for his comedy, including the Andy Kaufman Award (2010) for creativity and originality in comedy, the Shorty Award in collaboration with Comedy Central and the New York Comedy Festival for "Best Emerging Comic" (2011), and the Magners Comic Stand-Off (2011). From colleges to comedy clubs, from talk shows to theaters, Harrison is bringing his unique style of comedy to audiences across the country and around the world, proving each night why publications such as Newsday have named him one of “today’s best.” For more information about Harrison, please visit his website, http://www.harrisongreenbaum.com, and follow him on Twitter, @harrisoncomedy.


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