Off-Off-Broadway Celebrates Its Origins 


On Monday, October 11th, the Drama Book Shop set the scene for a reunion of the founders of Off-Off-Broadway. The New York IT Awards and united stages hosted the standing-room-only event celebrating the origins of Off-Off-Broadway.

Moderated by Leonard Jacobs of BackStage, the jovial panel featured:

  • Paul Foster of La Mama
  • Walter Hadler of Theatre Genesis
  • Robert Heide of the Caffé Cino
  • Lawrence Kornfeld of the Judson Poets’ Theatre
  • Doric Wilson of the Caffé Cino
  • John Vaccaro of the Play-House of the Ridiculous

LaMama founder Ellen Stewart, playwrights Maria Irene Fornes and H.M. Koutoukas, actors Jane Lowry and Theo Barnes, and directors Bob Dahdah and Tom O’Harogan also contributed to the discussion and added to the festivities.

This prestigious group was also joined by author Stephen J. Bottoms who’s latest work, Playing Underground  is on sale now at local bookstores. Playing Underground is the first book to give a comprehensive history of the roots of Off-Off-Broadway and is sure to be the definitive work on an important, but little studied period in American theatre.


The Writers of Off-Off-Broadway by Paul Foster



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