Spotlight On: Ivanna Cullinan 

Christopher Borg 


An amazing quality of the Off-Off-Broadway theatre scene is the opportunity for artists in one discipline to cross-over and explore their talents in another.
Multitalented Ivanna Cullinan, who was nominated last year for Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role for her work in Piper McKenzie's production of The Granduncle Quadrilogy: Tales from the Land of Ice, is the director of A Brief History Of Murder which just opened this past weekend at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn. 
A Brief History of Murder, which Ivanna describes as "a mind-bending collision of Grand Guignol, David Lynch, Broadway musicals, and police procedurals,"is actually a double bill of two interlocking plays about the events surrounding a series of grisly killings in a small Oklahoma town: "Detectives" follows an intrepid private investigator and her colleagues as they try to track down the killer and "Victims" reveals the dark underbelly of the town and its colorful inhabitants.   As the absurd mystery unfolds, characters become entangled in horrific events beyond their control.  
It is interesting to note that the playwright, Rich Lovejoy was selected this year as a "Person of the Year" by and Ivanna was a "Person of the Year" in 2009 and that the cast includes previous IT Award recipient, Sarah Thigpen! 
A Brief History of Murder, in its two parts, Detectives and Victims was produced by Sneaky Snake Productions and is playing through Sunday, January 31st at the Brick Theater.  For tickets and more information, visit the Brick Theater website.


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