Many members of the New York Theatre community have had contributed in a significant way to the development of this organization. The New York Innovative Theatre Awards gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their creativity, generosity, and support:

Paul Adams
Corey Behnke and Monday Sessions Media
Amy Bizjak
Pete Boisvert
Christopher Borg
Valentina Cardinelli
Barry Childs
Hillary Cohen
Brett Douglas
Ryan Duncan
Desmond Dutcher
Mark Finley
Liegh Giroux
Tim Haskell
Ben Hodges
Carter Inskeep
Denice Kondik
Loribeth Lampert
Ron Lasko
Blake Lawrence
Ian Marshal
Stephen McElroy
Jonathan Reuning
Patrick Shearer
Ravi Shankar
Rochele Tillman
Colin Telmer
Doric Wilson


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